Conscious Leadership

Why Conscious Leadership?

In uncertain times the margin for error gets thinner, the pressure to make the right decisions grows and trust diminishes. In the face of fear, lack of ownership and responsibility may start the blame game which slows down if not paralyses your organisation. At the same time organisations have been trying to achieve high performance through working harder and longer. Leaders try to control this performance with an incessant focus on numbers. As a result employees feel like cogs in a machine resulting in record disengagement levels and overflowing burnout clinics. On top of that digitalisation and other future trends create growing uncertainty for management teams at a time where organisations need more agility and innovation. To deal with these challenges calls for more conscious leadership.

The foundation for high performance is not a culture of fear, lack and blame but a lived culture of trust.  Only conscious leaders will be able to deal with the complexities in an effective and sustainable way. In order to be effective as a conscious leader, it needs more than just the traditional management techniques.

What is Conscious Leadership?

Here are some of the core elements of Conscious Leadership.  You must have a clear sense of purpose personally and for the company. A purpose that is aligned, visible and understandable for employees. The management is responsible for driving corporate purpose and culture and must demonstrate it by living it. Employees must not only understand it. They need to be enthusiastic about their possible contribution the bigger whole because this will automatically create higher levels of engagement and performance . Besides that other elements of Conscious Leadership are courageous action, the ability to create flow in the organisation as well as a clear focus on developing people. Finally a Conscious Leader promotes collaboration and builds strong strategic partnerships.

Who is responsible?

Conscious Leadership starts at the top… so what is the level of trust really in your management team? Are you able to discuss everything openly? Or are you not addressing certain topics out of fear? Is there an elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge? Engage with us to find out how we could shift the energy in the business and develop your leaders.

Measurable Results

We develop a coherent, relevant and integrated leadership development program for your organisation’s specific needs. In order to design such a program we first need to understand your strategic direction, the corporate culture and the leadership commitment in your organisation.

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