Culture Evolution Report

Momentum is everything in a business transformation. A Culture Evolution Report can show you where you are in the transformation, what progress has been made so far and what the triggers are to accelerate it. When you reach the tipping point you have momentum. The tipping point for us is typically when 30% of employees in the business are absolutely convinced of the transformation strategy and are actively influencing and engaging others in the organization to help drive the transformation. To achieve that level of engagement showing quick results and communication are crucial and create energy for momentum.

A Culture Evolution Report with PEAQ is done to track the progress made in a transformation and to show how a corporate culture has evolved over time. Of course you can also pinpoint the areas where the transformation hasn’t gone far enough or deep enough yet to reach the whole business, which allows you to adjust and fine-tune your transformation strategy.

You will ideally run a culture evolution report every 12-18 months in conjunction with a culture health assessment in order for you to show the development of the culture as well as the impact of your transformation program initiatives.

Changes in culture are often felt by some and ignored or denied by others. A culture evolution report allows you to make changes visible and measurable. You will have undeniable facts of a cultural transformation taking place that will allow you to make nonbelievers into believers. Provided of course that all leaders have been delivering on their leadership commitment and have acted on all the initiatives that resulted out of the first Culture Health Assessment.

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