Culture Reality Check

A lot of companies believe culture is a tick the box exercise. They believe that it is enough for the leadership team to come up with some values and stick them on the wall. That it is enough to just to email them through to everyone in different locations and departments of the organization.

Culture is a more involved process than that. Culture is an ongoing process and it is shaped by the decisions and behaviors of everyone in the organization on a daily basis.

To truly understand what drives your employees and to get the collective intelligence and sentiments of everyone in the organization a culture health assessment is the ideal assessment. As it gives you the unedited truth of what is currently going on and where people would like the organization to be.

The Culture Reality Check with PEAQ allows you to see how deeply your chosen values have been embedded in the organization and how much alignment you have in regards to your values. You will also be able to identify where the biggest gaps are and where you have to intensify your transformation efforts.

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