What is facilitation?

Facilitation is the process of guiding a high level meeting or group event (such as an off-site strategy retreat or workshop) towards an outcome that is productive to all stakeholders and aligned with pre-defined objectives. Some people think that facilitation is just about arbitrating and steering discussion but we believe it means a lot more than that.

How is PEAQ facilitation different?

At PEAQ our aim is to manage every aspect of your event, both in terms of the practical details of the day itself and also the wider strategic context in which it takes place. Because of our decades of experience in top level business we understand your situation, help clarify strategic goals and set an agenda in accordance with those goals.

We create a safe space where every member of the team feels equal, can contribute and can be heard. We manage time and energy in a room, resolve conflicts, inspire debate and keep discussion flowing and focused on and relevant to the wider strategic aims.

And we take care of the organization and coordination with the venue while on site to make sure you can have peace of mind and that the whole event runs smoothly.

In short, we wear multiple hats so you don’t have to. As a result, you are free to focus your energy where it should be: engaging with your team as an equal participant in the event.

What does PEAQ facilitation include?

We tailor our service to fit your needs. As part of a typical PEAQ facilitation service we:

  • Recommend a suitable venue, especially outlining some keys to the ideal environment
  • Analyse your situation and identify challenges, objectives
  • Clarify strategic context for the event so we can set an appropriate and relevant agenda
  • Ensure wider strategic goals take precedence over personal opinions or views
  • Manage expectations of all participants and stakeholders
  • Create a safe, open environment where people feel equal in the room
  • Create a fertile environment for discussion and manage time and energy in the room
  • Observe team dynamics, identify areas of conflict and act as a neutral mediator
  • Allow space for crucial conversations to acknowledge challenges and find solutions
  • Make sure rules and boundaries are respected so that discussions stay on track
  • Assist in defining a plan to achieve long and short term objectives
  • Provide documented results and feedback from the day
    ensure all participants leave feeling heard, with renewed energy and clear goals

Who do we work best with as facilitators?

We work with Strategic and Management Boards, Management Teams, Leadership Teams, Executive Teams and Partner Groups of Midsize Companies.

To learn more about PEAQ’s facilitation of strategic retreats, click here, email qa@peaqpartners.com or call us on +41 44 586 86 77.