What is Mentoring?

In the modern use of the word “mentor” a mentor is a trusted friend, a teacher or an experienced consultant. Mentoring programs are particularly effective if employees are to be promoted in their personal and professional experiences. The big benefit is that employee talents are developed sustainably.

The more an organization invests in the development of their talent the longer they will stay. The quicker they will contribute independently towards the success of the organisation and the easier it will become for the organisation to attract more talented employees. Informal programs often miss the desired, consistent quality and often end after a few months with no effect.

There is a difference between formal and informal mentoring programs.  Quite often businesses use an informal approach to mentoring which quite does not maximise the potential mentoring could offer. It becomes an afterthought rather than a priority.

Structured Approach

At PEAQ we use a structured approach. We help you select the right mentors and mentees, outline the process and set clear expectations in regards to responsibilities. We train your mentors in the tools, techniques and process so that the mentoring experience is as consistent as possible across the board. Ensuring you can successfully implement your leadership approach and new and potential managers can apply it quickly. And thus you can integrate the corporate culture more successfully investigate this site.

Coaching skills for managers and regular mentoring meetings for the exchange of best practice ideas are, for example, components of such a program. It is an ideal tool to multiply leadership and other knowledge, especially in mergers , in a period of strong growth of the company or in succession .

It is not just the mentee who benefits from such a program. Quiet often the mentors enjoy the experience just as much because it feels good to help someone else be successful. Mentors also get a chance to reflect on what they know and what adds value to others.

You also need to mix it up a little to avoid your program going stale. Why not have Gen Y’s mentor senior managers? or women mentoring senior leaders? Could you strengthen diversity in the organisation  by offering cross cultural mentoring? You could even leverage your skills externally by mentoring someone in your position in a non for profit organisation. There are plenty of opportunities to make this an invaluable piece in your leadership development.

Do you want to create more depth and engagement in the organisation? Do you want to retain your high potential talent for longer? Let’s talk about how we can help you launch or revitalise your Mentoring Programs to lift the performance even further.

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