What is PEAQ?

real partnership, real transformation.

PEAQ is a groundbreaking business transformation program that helps businesses achieve top performance by developing a culture of trust.

Many companies have hidden areas of weakness caused by fear-based patterns of control, uncertainty and blame. We identify and quantify those areas and provide the strategy and conscious leadership skills to overcome them.

Our clients transition to a happier, more productive corporate culture in which employees are committed to clearly defined values aligned with the company’s strategic aims, yet still free to innovate and fulfil their maximum potential.

The result is top performance for individuals, team and company

How is PEAQ different?

Most business consultancy takes a behavioural approach that addresses only operational problems. PEAQ works at a much deeper level. Instead of just telling you what you’re doing wrong, we help you to change your business culture so the right things happen naturally. We integrate business transformation with leadership development to ensure transition is structural, systemic and sustainable. Our goal is high value, transformative change for your business.


Who is PEAQ for?

Our clients are typically mid-sized companies and corporate divisions seeking to inspire more agility, collaboration and trust in their employees, as well as boost performance and create real value for their stakeholders. Some are enduring crisis, struggling with uncertainty following a merger or succession, or seeking guidance during a period of rapid growth. All are hungry for change, and committed to making a difference for their employees and in the wider world.


Does PEAQ get results?

Yes! Our methods are 100% results-driven and based on years of in-depth monitoring and research of over 3000 companies and organisations. Time and time again, our clients report back to us with evidence of significantly increased profit and growth, lower staff turnover, happier, less stressful working environments and increased stakeholder satisfaction. Many companies find their partnership with PEAQ so valuable they choose to stay with us long term.


our services

a strategy tailor made for you.

Our services are overlapping and complementary. Each can be taken alone or used as a gateway to a wider business transformation process. Together they make a fully integrative approach to culture change. To find the best approach for you and your business, please contact us to arrange an obligation-free consultation.


Business Transformation

We design and run integrated business transformation programs. Be that to achieve a turnaround or to accelerate business growth, or be that to adapt to the digital age where higher levels of collaboration, ownership and agility are required. We help you transform your culture to achieve your strategic goals. Find out more

Facilitation of Strategic Retreats

We facilitate custom designed strategic management retreats. We align the top leadership teams around the strategic context. We create an inclusive leadership culture of trust where energy blocks are addressed to restore flow and increase levels of ownership, agility and collaboration. Find out more

Culture Assessment

We believe what you measure you can manage. Our Culture Assessment make the intangible of culture tangible and measurable. It gives you deep insights into the level of alignment in the organization, identifies the blockers to performance as well as highlights the sources of power available to you and much more. Find out more

Conscious Leadership

We develop conscious and inspiring leaders, who act and lead with a clear sense of purpose and values, role-modelling productive behaviors and mindsets, having the ability to engage, encourage and empower the team, driving it towards high-performance. Find out more




Anja Stubenrauch (Dipl.Kauffrau) is a high performance advisor with 21 years of top-level business experience as an entrepreneur, CFO and CEO. A specialist in capital markets and strategic projects, Anja has worked on company mergers, acquisitions, transformation projects, large capital transfers and litigations for major corporates including Credit Suisse, Geberit AG, Sulzer Medica and PWC. Anja’s focus is to bring strategy into execution, integrating meaning and trust culture in order to create an easy pathway to high performance. She works with tailor-made processes, structured methodologies and solution-focused coaching tools. Anja’s work is informed by her experience in a wide variety of sectors including finance, medical technology, digital media, industry and retail.


Oliver Christen (lic. oec. HSG) has over 25 years of experience in international markets as an entrepreneur, Managing Director, sparring partner and facilitator. He has a successful track record founding start-ups, developing companies and steering businesses through mergers, management successions and periods of rapid growth. As partner and director of the Sydney-based consultancy AltusQ, Oliver accrued more than 10,000 coaching hours, achieving record results for his clients and placing in the top 5% of coaches in Australia. A specialist in Strategic Marketing (UC Berkeley) and Culture Transformation (Barrett Values Centre), Oliver is a keynote speaker and co-author of the Engagement Capability Report, a major study of engagement strategies of high performance companies.

Our Ethos

Trust is the basis of top performance

Peak experience is a term coined by the psychologist Abraham Maslow to describe the elusive state of ‘highest happiness and fulfilment’ in which individuals achieve maximum potential.

Someone in peak experience is able to utilise extraordinary powers of perception and creativity. In this effortless state of ‘flow’ they are functioning at their very highest level.

At PEAQ we extend this idea to encompass not just individuals, but businesses and organisations too.

Trust is the foundation of PEAQ performance. The integrity, openness, collaboration and contagious energy that fills our work and daily lives is rooted in a strong trust culture.


Purpose gives meaning, drive and a sense of mission to all we do. A purpose-driven strategy aligned with corporate culture creates laser focus – for us and for you.


Commitment creates accountable leadership and inspires confidence between team members. We take responsibility for our actions and expect to be judged on results.

We believe in re-energising businesses and relationships, leading with purpose, encouraging bold decision-making and creating a corporate culture of trust in which people can thrive.

Companies that do this achieve outstanding performance even in challenging times. People are engaged and fulfilled because they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.

To achieve this it takes Conscious Leadership to create a contagious new way of working.

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