Business Transformation

What is Business Transformation?

Business transformation purely means transforming a company from its current state to a desired state by aligning people, systems and processes with the new strategic context to ensure the organisation is set to achieve its goals.
A business transformation is often required when the context in which the organisation operates changes or if you proactively want to change the environment or the market the business caters to.

Here are some examples of different business transformations PEAQ gets involved with:

Digital Transformation

In a Digital Transformation we don’t get involved with the technology side of things. We assist you in creating a fertile ground for this transformation. We help you identify potential blockers to the transformation and create a transformation agenda. Whether you need to increase collaboration, agility and speed to adapt to and ideally pre-empt its challenges, ultimately we want to help you succeed.

Cultural Transformation

A culture transformation may be in order because your people are in a comfort zone and need to stretch. Maybe your organisation has stagnated, the rate of innovation has slowed and you need to get things flowing again. Or maybe you recognise that the culture is toxic and employee engagement is poor to the point where you are struggling to attract and retain good people and you know you need to change that.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is required for a large number of SMEs and needs to be addressed 3-5 years prior to the actual succession event to avoid the common mistakes.  Culturally a shift in ownership mentality needs to occur. Employees need to take on more self-responsibility and prove their worth.  We also get involved post succession event to assist the new leaders who want to put their own stamp on the business and want to create a new vision and culture for continued success without disregarding the history.

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Post-Merger Integration

Ideally we are involved before the merger or acquisition is signed off to assist with a culture due diligence. Apart from giving you feedback in regard to the cultural alignment between the two parties it would already highlight priorities for the integration agenda and would save you time in the post merger integration. Apart from integrating systems and processes it is key in a post merger integration to create a new joint culture. Here you want to leverage the cultural and commercial strengths of both parties to realise the inherent potential of the merger.

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Our Role at PEAQ Partners in a Business Transformation

  • We work as Sparring Partner for the Top Level of Management
  • We assist you in measuring your current and track progress towards your desired culture.
  • We manage the transformation programme and hold the space for transformation to occur
  • We facilitate your management off-sites, focus groups and team alignment sessions to ensure strategic and cultural alignment
  • We assess and develop your leaders in line with transformation
  • We ensure personal accountability
  • We liaise and coordinate with systems and process specialists to ensure structural alignment.

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