Culture Assessments

Culture Assessments

What you measure you can manage. Our Culture Assessments make the intangible of culture tangible and measurable. It gives you deep insights into the level of alignment in the organization, identifies the blockers to performance as well as highlights the sources of power available to you and much more.

We offer a number of different assessments that are either taken individually or in conjunction with another assessment depending on your current situation and needs. We work closely with the Barrett Values Center and use the Culture Transformation Tools® (CTT), the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially available today. These tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations in 94 countries.

Culture Health Assessment

Culture Health Assessment for every organization that wants to understand its people and what is important to them better in order to build a values driven and highly engaged organization. This is an ideal way to collect raw data to feed into a process of creating a joint cultural vision for the organization, becoming the Best Employer or mastering your business transformation.

Culture Due Diligence

Culture Due Diligence is especially suited to organizations considering, being in process of or being after an M&A transaction wanting to minimize their risk. It is a valuable tool for those organizations who understand that culture is a big source of untapped potential in an M&A, who we help to assess the cultural compatibility, assisting them to get the Post Merger Integration right.

Culture Evolution Report

A Culture Evolution Report is for all organizations who take their culture seriously and who want to track it, understanding how it evolves over time. Organizations who are doing 2nd-4th Culture Health Assessment also need to do a Culture Evolution Report to be able to see if and how their strategies and initiatives have impacted the culture and how they need to hone their focus for the coming period.

Culture Reality Check

Culture Reality Check is for all those organizations who already have stated values but whose leaders are not sure how deeply ingrained those values are in the organization yet. No matter if the values were set recently or if they have been communicated long time ago. We help organizations to assess how well are those values being lived, how far down are they being felt or where the key blocks are.