10 Keys to a Successful Cultural Transformation

10 Keys to a Successful Cultural Transformation

1. Top-Down

Must be initiated, sponsored and lead by the CEO and carried by the leadership team.

2. Measurement

What you don’t measure you can’t manage, measure and track regularly.

3. Alignment

Ensure strategic, cultural and structural alignment.

4. Addressed concerns

Understand the fears and concerns that will cause resistance in order to find ways to overcome them.

5. Committed Leaders

Leaders must be committed to transform themselves as well as their teams, which includes setting clear expectations, giving regular candid feedback and having crucial conversations when people don’t contribute.

6. Developing Leaders

Support leaders by developing their capability to execute the plan.

7. Engagement

Create high engagement, involvement and identification with the transformation to reach the tipping point.

8. Supportive system

Install rhythms, rituals and high levels of communication to bring the new culture alive

9. Accountability

Create a culture of personal accountability to ensure fast implementation.

10. Celebrate success

Celebrate successes and reward and recognise stewards of the desired culture


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