Our leadership development aims to create more conscious leaders who support a culture of trust. We use  contextual, practical and easily transferable tools. This gives you have a higher level of control and consistency in achieving your business objectives. Besides that our leadership development programs avoid 4 common mistakes.

Measurable Results

We develop a coherent, relevant and integrated leadership development program for your organisation’s specific needs. In order to design such a program we first need to understand your strategic direction, the corporate culture and the leadership commitment in your organisation. This is how we work together to create a program that achieves measurable results.

Relevance to Business Context

We assess your leadership skills in the context of your strategic direction with a 360° Leadership Values Assessment which allows us to identify the gaps and Leadership Development opportunities. This means that each program is unique and tailored to your circumstances. For instance a program for rapid growth would be very different to one for a business in stagnation. In any case we will embed the  conscious leadership skills relevant in each transition and for each business transformation.

Integrated Leadership Development

We don’t believe in weeklong leadership bootcamps. Behaviours and mindsets won’t change overnight. We want real and sustainable business transformation. That’s why we work with you and your leaders over an extended period. In our Leadership Development programs we integrate short digestible bursts of training, with team coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching and peer-to-peer learning because we are aiming for lasting results and sustainable culture change.

Do you wish to produce measurable results with your Leadership Development programs? Do you appreciate the value of coaching but feel you’re missing a consistent and integrated approach? Let’s make your program relevant and adaptable so it grows with you.

We offer programs in English and German. We are based in Zürich, Switzerland but are currently delivering them also in Germany, UK and in the US.

To inquire about PEAQ Leadership Development programs email qa@peaqpartners.com or call us on +41 44 586 86 77.